How to Clean Septic Filter

Effortlessly clean your septic system filter with our straightforward 9-step tutorial, complete with visuals and video guidance.
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How to Clean Your Septic System Filter

Isn't it amazing how quickly six months rolls around? If it’s time for your filter to be cleaned, you can get it done by following these 9 simple steps! Let’s get started.

Need extra help? Watch Curtis from our parent company explain how to do this via video:

1. Locate your septic system's tank.

2. You will see two lids, one for each tank chamber.

Locate lid

3. Assemble the following supplies: rubber gloves, hose with spray nozzle, allen wrench or a drill with correct bit, and paper towel.

4. Put on rubber gloves.

5. Remove the lid from the solids tank (this is the first tank the sewage flows through before being pumped out to the drain field).

6. Reach in, grab the "T" handled pipe, and pull up the filter.

Remove Filter

7. Carefully remove filter from housing and spray filter with hose, removing any solids from the filter back in to the tank.

Spray filter with water to clean

8. Replace cleaned septic filter in the filter housing and press firmly to ensure it is tightly sealed.

Replace Filter

9. Congratulations! You have successfully cleaned your septic filter. However, there is one more important step. Please replace the lid immediately. A child or pet could drown if they fall into the tank.

Replace Lid

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